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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Crocheted Pumpkins

A friend invited me to her church's craft fair, so I've been looking for stuff to make to use up supplies in my outrageously cluttered craft room/office.  Enter my subscription to AllFreeHolidayCrafts dot com.  And the most adoreable little crochet pumpkin!

My version  

This is the inspiration piece. 
 Somewhere I have a whole huge cone of cotton yarn that nice color of peach.  But not where I could find it...  However, there was a skein of verigated boulce yarn just doing nothing.  And a recent addition of a skein of brown cotton yarn.  I wonder, says I to myself, what a pumpkin made with the boulce` would look like??  In my stash of stuff in the closet is a bunch of stuffing removed from a chair cushion, so that was taken care of.  I love my stash...

I can't count stitches to save my neck, so it's a good thing my little pumpkin doesn't show definition of stitches!  It didn't turn out so badly, huh?

Makes a nice pincushion for yarn needles and crochet hooks, too.

Perhaps next I'll make a rust orange pumpkin from cotton.  There is that craft fair coming up, you know?   My school teacher friend in the Philippines needs a lot of upgrading done to the building to keep the government happy.  Proceeds from the craft fair will go to her.

I needed several fast projects (considering the very short attention span of yours truly), the supplies were all here, and Nelly will get bookshelves!  It's so much fun watchin' God!