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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Computer desk and my 'list'

Some time soon, I will paint a small tacky pink knock-down computer desk. I found it on the side of the road the other day.   The desk will be periwinkleI started to paint the inside of my cloffice that color, but decided against it because we live in a rental, and the landlord probably wouldn't appreciate me painting the closet such a color.  He's funny that way.  My heart is set on painting something periwinkle.  

                                                  (The official periwinkle Valspar paint name is Merlin #492456)

(Once I painted the bedroom in my house periwinkle with bright white trim, with a brushed silver ceiling fan.  Then I moved.  The tenant painted the walls dark taupe...  breaks my heart, but since I didn't live there, it was okay...  That's one reason I want to move back - so I can paint the room periwinkle again!  Either that or take the ceiling fan down and bring it back up north with me...  It's my house, after all... Sadly, the fan wouldn't fit in any of the rooms in our Snowbird Palace.  I guess if I want periwinkle walls and a really cool brushed silver fan we will have to move down to GA, at least for the winter.)

(wow!  The color is horrible!  My hair was definitely NOT red.  Oh well.  The color of the wall on the left is pretty close to actual.  The worst part about this picture is I looked sooo young!  Not so much now... vanity, vanity.)

You should have seen me trying to get that desk in the car! It got stuck halfway in the door... I had to drive (with the door open and the desk hanging out) to a small parking lot across the street and try to get the top off so I could take the desk out of the car and hope it would go in the back seat sans top. For some reason, all the tools had been removed from the car!! Luckily there was a gas station/garage in the parking lot, so I went in to borrow flat and phillips screwdrivers.  "Are you guys laughing at me yet??" I asked with a smile as I walked in. One guy disavowed any such thing. The other guy laughed and said "I sure was!" He then kindly went to get the screwdrivers for me.


The desk top came off without incident, but the rest of the desk had been glued together so it was a bit challenging to get it in the back seat. At least the desk came out of the car.  And back in the car so I could bring it home.  Somehow, it just didn't seem right to consider dropping off the desk at the location I picked it up.  So, I was stuck with it...

And I remembered to return the screwdrivers!  Nice guys.  I must remember to make them some goodies.  (And not eat what they don't get...)

Oh, how I wish I would have taken pictures of that little fiasco!  You guys would have loved it!

As I was taking the desk out of the car, debating where to put it, it dawned on me that I had just a week ago wondered what I would use for a desk in my new craft/office/sun porch room.  You know what I'm gonna say next:

Thanks, Lord, for one more thing on my 'list'!  It's so much fun watchin' God! 

p.s.  Guess what I found in the pocket of the driver's side door afterwards?  In my defense, if tools are going to be in a door pocket, it's usually the passenger side, and I did look there... 

If there isn't a picture of the finished desk, please leave a comment to remind me!  
What have YOU found on the side of the road that just filled the bill for you?


  1. Cheyanne, did you figure out how to comment yet?? I hope so! I'm looking forward to what you wanted to say!

  2. I especially enjoyed the Ps....knowing you...however, God often puts us in positions that give us challenges. I can almost bet that even if you had looked in that door pocket that screwdriver would have been invisible. Perhaps part of it was a way to bring a chuckle to the garage guys who may have had a particularly tough day. Besides the story would not have been as much fun without the garage stop!!! Besides...didn't it make you chuckle once you found your tool? Made your day, too, didn't it. Now everytime you use that desk you will smile because of the "struggle "!

  3. :-) You are so right, Chey! And I must make some goodies for the guys, too. I told them the desk was going to NH, so they probably don't expect that I live around here, and will excuse me for taking so long with the goodies!

  4. It's so challenging to make things that have been rejected be put into usefulness, wow thanks so much Nan for your projects/crafts and great ideas coupled with diligence... am so blessed

  5. Hi unno! Happy to see you are here! My motto is 'God said he would supply all our needs but he didn't say it would come from Macy's!'
    Did you check out the tab for the book? There were 22 hits from the Philippines yesterday, so I'm hoping you have shared this blog! Thanks!

  6. Chey, I delivered half a dozen Grandma's cookies on our way up north on Friday afternoon. They guys remembered the fun show they had watching me trying to get the desk in the car. :-)


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