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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

homemade paper picture matting

   I was messing around with making paper and made it a bit too thin for any use as actual paper, so I decided to use it thusly.   
     To tint it, I added leftover paint to the water when adding the mash to the tub.  I’m too lazy to use the proper equipment, so when I make paper, I only use one screen, not the approved method of a frame and deckle (or whatever it's called...)  Works for me.  In this case, I may have even poured the mash on top of the screen and swirled it around in the water to get it to even out.  Rebel, I am…

     And then there was this old Home Interiors print with water-spotted print matting…
     A trim to fit the new frame and some glue inside a penciled border…
I tore off small pieces of the homemade paper and layered it on the edges of the picture, paying attention to the corners of the picture.

Some of the pieces of paper were a bit thin, and the background color showed through.    

     You may be able to see the vegetation hanging over the wall in the center of the picture – I used some watered down paint from a wall project to give a bit of depth to the print.  (Which reminds me, I still have not posted the dining/living projects.) 
     Ya know, I think maybe I like this again.  It’s currently hanging in the office on the wall, awaiting it’s turn to be hung back in the living room.  (The office walls are the storage place for all the pictures that get changed out by season.) 

So... what do you think?


  1. Um, I think that you are one crafty lady! Paper making, really? I think it looks great around the print. I love the rustic air it adds to the piece, it really compliments that elegant frame...and now that you mentioned it, the décor junkie in me wants to see the dining room and living room projects! ;)

    1. Hi Kim Glad to see you here! I'm always amazed at who sees this stuff. And you always say such nice things!
      Okay... I'll work on the dining/living room... There are two different projects.


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