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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Look at That! Yarn!

Have you ever been looking for something very specific, but couldn't find it?  And then out of the blue, in an unexpected place, there it was? 

Let me introduce you to my momma.  She does the most amazing work with yarn… and fabric… and beads…Never gonna be a day I am that good! 

Here is one of her latest creations.  She posted this on facebook for all the world to see (and rightfully admire), and then she sent it to me for Christmas!

Now, listen to her very own Watchin’ God story.

Tell me God doesn't take care even about the simple things!!!! 

I wanted two colors of yarn for a scarf I'm knitting and no one in town had them. Plus it had to be 100% wool & sock weight yarn. I looked at Value Village (a large thrift store) several times but nothing like it ever was on sale. Plus they had hardly any yarn so when I stopped there today I didn't think about yarn but I looked at their craft wall.

Not only were there two balls of yarn but the very colors I wanted and it’s 100% wool sock yarn from Norway!!! 

 I'm still amazed- God is good!

or, as her daughter would say ---  

It's So Much Fun Watchin' God!


  1. Nancy, I just started knitting again. I am a TOTAL beginner and need to watch YouTube every time I start a new project, because I forget how to cast on! I really enjoy working with the yarn though, it is very relaxing. Your mom's work is amazing. She is one talented lady for sure!

    1. Hi Kim,
      I read this long ago, but forgot to comment... I am a TOTAL beginner at this blogging thing!
      Sometimes I remember how to cast on, but knitting is not what I do. If it's yarn, it must be crocheted. Not ever very good at that. Momma did not pass down the yarn gene.
      I saw 'arm knitting' the other day. That looks like quite a bit of fun! Gonna try it.

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