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Saturday, April 19, 2014

God even saves . . . Toes!

     My husband has had a big purple toe.  The podiatrist took one look at it, poked a large needle in it and drew no blood, and made an immediate appointment with the vascular surgeon for him.  The doc wanted to do surgery immediately.  First, an angiogram, where they run a camera down the vein in the leg.  He said there was a very long blockage, and advised surgery within the week, because he was going on vacation the following week and things could go from bad to worse rapidly. 

Feb 2

     I wasn't so thrilled with anything the doc was saying, and had my husband send a long list of questions to the doc the day before the 'necessary' vein replacement surgery.  Turns out the 'blockage' was only 50% blood flow. . .  Suffice it to say, by the time we finished talking, my husband decided to go for a second opinion.
     Actually, he decided to go for some of God's pharmacy.  You see, on the first appoinmtent I asked the surgeon if nitric oxide would do anything for the situation.  "It would be ideal, but you can't just take a pill".  Little did he know.
Feb 11
     Several years ago I found this stuff for someone with diabetes, hoping they would take it.  Didn't happen, so I sold one bag of the tea to a guy who had pain in his legs from a clot in some small veins, and gave one bag to a lady who was on the heart transplant list with terrible veins.  (Back then, the stuff was sold in loose leaf bags to make tea.  Now it comes in capsules.  Much easier!  And doesn't taste and smell like dirty socks.)  The guy with pains in his legs asked where he could get more, because after only one month his leg stopped hurting!  The lady on the heart transplant list went to the doc a month or two later and he took her off the list!!  That's all I can tell you about those two people, but it's plumb amazing!
     However, I can tell you about my husband's toe.  In 4 weeks it went from being purple and hurting like the dickens just to look at it, to nearly pain-free and back to a nice normal pink.  He also used the oil and gangrene stuff - Kit A.  We ordered the stuff separately, as you must take the capsules, and there is a 4-pack for the price of 3.  Somewhere I read it was recommended to take 6 caps a day for his condition, so he did.  And here's the results.  One month, folks.  Instead of having surgery immediately, and follow-up surgery every 3-7 years for the rest of his life, complete with pills and hospital bills.  I'm a happy camper!
March 1
On the left sidebar, go to Shopping Cart to order.  Make sure to check out the entire list, because some of the products you can get a good deal on if you order more than one at a time, as with the Wild Ransom Leaf.

UPDATE:  P went to the podiatrist, who was properly amazed at the progress - and all without surgery!  Goes to show why I love to say It's So Much Fun Watchin' God!  

UPDATE again:  5/21/2016  The last several months my extremities have been swelling after sitting in front of the computer for too long, to the point of being noticeable, not just feeling tight.  When I read a medical report that mentioned I was developing hardening of the arteries, I decided it was time to take some action. After less than one bag of WRL (taken in one rounded teaspoon in about 4 ounces of warm water) the swelling is almost non-existent.  Thanks Lord!

UPDATE yet again!  5/27/2016  So, the CT that picked up the above mentioned problems came back clear!  You figure it out.  I'm going to say it was the WRL!

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