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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Links

(For some reason this 'page' disappeared, and I cannot get it back, so I'm making a 'post' instead.)

What I use for my 'Attitude Adjustments' (I have to be careful what I say, since I'm not a doctor, etc.)

Metabolic Advantage  This stuff saved my life more than once.  The only reason there needed to be 'more than once' is because I stopped taking it on the advice of a doc.

Stress Soother  This is for when the Metabolic Advantage isn't enough, or if I have forgotten to take it and don't have any within reach.  For me, the Stress Soother works really fast - within minutes.  I give the stuff away all the time, I believe in it that much.  And reports are that it works for other people, too.

To help my mind stop racing when I want to go to sleep  (As with anything, it may or may not work for you.  I find that alternating them every so often helps.)

Sleep Balm

Stress Soother
(Updated with the correct link.  Sorry!)  Cool!  It also comes in a stick!  Great idea!

Thyroid info

Wilson's Syndrome
A temperature-related syndrome.  Very interesting and informative site.  Info for doctors and laymen.
Explains the difference between natural and synthetic thyroid hormone treatments, as well as several pages with effects of thyroid problems.  Excellent read.

Save the Toes and Legs

My Favorite Blogger/Home/Craft Sites

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