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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Junkin' (and my List)

(I'm too lazy to write up a real post, but wanted to get this out there, so you get the draft. . .)

Saturday junkin'

found printer - for $8!! (on my list)

Memorial day
showed up just in time to help mary put up tent
went out junkin
found round table for dining room and a box of books for Nelly
chairs didn't work with new table, so took them to Mary's
arrived just in time to help take the tent down before the wind blew it away.
she had just got in a tv/computer monitor
I sold her the chairs for the price of the monitor.  Score!
which we will use for Saturday night program at church to watch a The Gospel of John from youtube and/or visiting missionaries who might need something to hook up their laptop.

And since I now have an extra printer, the old one went down to church.
stopped at a junk shop and was given a whole shipping box full of childrens books for Nelly!
picked up a 42" round patio table on the way home
this weekend I wanted a futon for the sunporch
found the futon frame on the way home.
as well as a door for the bathroom - on my list! 
and a patio rug, 12" wall cabinet, better bed frame than the one we have (also on the list)
you should see the car when it's loaded with found stuff!  sadly, it's always dark when we get home, and we unload it then, so no picture.

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