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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Book is at the publishers!

Just a short blurb.  (Funny. is where my book "Come Home, A Prodigal Daughter's Story" is currently available.)

After much discussion and debate with myself - and a little with my husband - I decided to publish  the book with Xulon Press.  That will make it available on and any bookstore that is willing to order it for you.  It will also be available on Kindle.

The publishing date will be sometime before Christmas.  The title has been changed to "It's So Much Fun Watchin' God, Book One, The Prodigal". 

I plan on a series of books about Watchin' God, so it seemed good to start with this.  The next one will be . . . I don't know, maybe "Where have you been all these years?"  Or maybe "Lost - Again!"  (since I have several stories about being lost and the cool things God does under those circumstances.)  Or Maybe something about moving, since I've moved - 75 times!

But I'm taking a short break from the writing process.  No more books for a few months, at least.  Then there are hundreds of emails to scour for stories I've sent to friends over the years. 

Off to work on a table.  See ya later!


  1. That's so exciting Nancy!! Congratulations! I read your story about your trip to Alaska and I must say, lots to watch there...seems that one trip could be a whole book on its own! :)

  2. Hi Kim! Thanks! Indeed, the first 3 days of the trip to alaska could be a book all by itself! I just did the highlights here!
    Hey, I saw 2 old red railraod-style lanterns at a local thrift shop for $5 each! Right up your alley!

  3. And then the rep sent comments (all good) and a few suggestions. Worked on those. Now awaiting a professional edit done by the second of two friends.


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