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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Rachael!

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            Today is Rachael’s birthday!  She would be 29.
         Rachel was full of life, and joy, and happiness.  She loved people, her family and Truman.  Her faith in God was unstoppable.  And some day I will get to meet her!  Bc When we all get to heaven def
         Funny story.  Rachael evidently didn’t waste time.  She even had a practice of praying while she was in the bathroom!  She invited a gentleman to join her club. 
         “Club?” he asked, quizzically. 
         “Yes!  The “Pray When You Pee Club!”  she said with what I can imagine was a mischievous little grin.
         “Sure.  But I won’t be folding my hands,” said the gentleman with an even more mischievous grin!
         So here is a sign for you.  It’s in several formats.  There is the jpg with a transparent background so you can print it out on whatever paper you would like, with or without flourishes, and one with a blackboard background if you want to use the picture online. Until I figure out how to make a PDF file, you will just have to right click on the picture, save it to your computer and then print it.
         Enjoy!  And don’t waste a minute of your life! 

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