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What I use for my 'Attitude Adjustments'
(I have to be careful what I say, since I'm not a doctor, etc.  This is not medical advice, nor intended to diagnose, treat, cure or medicate anyone.  Consult a medical professional if you have questions.)

Metabolic Advantage  This stuff saved my life more than once.  The only reason there needed to be 'more than once' is because I stopped taking it on the advice of a doc.  To read about my experience with it, click here, do a ctrl+F and search page 83.  Read that chapter and the next.
For those who have trouble with caffeine, I checked with the company: The average cup of coffee has between 80-110 (units) of caffeine; one dose (two caps) of this product has 3 units.

Stress Soother  I use this when the Metabolic Advantage isn't enough, or if I have forgotten to take it and don't have any within reach.  For me, the Stress Soother works really fast - within minutes.  I give the stuff away all the time, I believe in it that much.  And reports are that it works for other people, too.

Music  Music has been used for healing and mental health for millenia.  Check out this  Wholetones frequency music site.  It's amazing music!  A friend played this set for unsuspecting kids and pets, with amazing, calming results.  Another played the one that affects the stomach when she was feeling sick and lo! the nausea went away!

Clear the Air   Everyone likes to breathe, right?  When it becomes difficult, for one reason or the next, this is my go-to help.

(As with anything, it may or may not work for you.  I find that alternating them every so often helps.)

Sleep Balm
This makes my mind stop racing so I can fall asleep

Stress Soother
This stuff is da bomb!  It keeps me calm when life is getting a little much.  The fun thing is that if you use it in the immediate vicinity of someone else, they get the benefit, too!  (Think in a car full of kids who are driving you nuts!  lol)  It also comes in a stick!  Great idea!

Thyroid Info

Wilson's Syndrome
A temperature-related syndrome.  Very interesting and informative site.  Info for doctors and laymen.
Explains the difference between natural and synthetic thyroid hormone treatments, as well as several pages with effects of thyroid problems.  Excellent read.

Save the Toes and Legs, and Neuropathy 
This is the stuff my husband took to save his big toe and avoid having a vein in his leg replaced.  I used it when my doc insisted I had atherosclerosis.  The next scan was clear.  Take that info as you want.  I can't promise the Wild Ransom Leaf did the trick.  Could have been prayers. 
This site is for a machine that purports to improve neuropathy.  The device is Medicare approved.  I have no experience with it, but based on the science, would recommend it to anyone who has this problem.

Essential Oils info Becky has some excellent information.  She does her homework so you don't have to...  that's because I'm lazy...

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***The product links are for where I get mine.  I am not compensated (though I should be, as much as I buy/give away/recommend the stuff!)

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