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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Angels and Gas Cans

After reading Kari's post on A Grace Full Life about a tire blowout and a 'courtesy officer' I had to post a 'Watchin' God' story of my own.  After all, that's what this blog is supposed to be about, right??

 Sorry, no pictures.

Jamie (my really nice son whom a friend said thinks I'm pretty cool - back 10 years ago, and after having grown up with me as his mother [see book on right], so that's pretty amazing!) and I were driving from somewhere south to Hardeeville SC on I-95.  No idea where we were that would have both of us in the car, and heading south.

Oh wait!  I have a picture of the house we lived in then.  That's another story.

To the chagrin of my husband, I had (okay, still have) a tendency to cut the gas pretty close because I knew exactly how many miles my Honda would travel on the interstate.  When it's all on the interstate.  Which, evidently it wasn't.

We were just north of home, by maybe 2 exits and a few miles, when suddenly the car started to sputter.  Not a good sign.

It ran out of gas just feet away from the entrance to an exit - at the bottom of which was a gas station.  Jamie was busy playing a vidiot game (did I mention I hate vidiot games?  When someone else is playing them??  But if he hadn't been, there wouldn't be a 'rest of the story'.)

With wallet in hand (come to think of it, Jamie couldn't have used my debit card to purchase the gas can, more than likely...  Okay, you're off the hook here, Jamie) I headed down to the gas station.

Inside the store, I was looking for a gas can.  A skinny, scraggly-looking old guy asked if I had run out of gas, and how far away.  I explained.  He bought the gas can AND the gas.  Even filled the can for me!  Then offered me a ride back to the car.  I was a bit skeptical, but figured maybe God was being nice to me, and certainly He could protect me.  There were enough people and a video to identify the man if anything happened.  (Besides, I'm by nature a trusting soul.)

There was a road that ran parallel to the Interstate, and we drove in his ragged red pickup to a location opposite the car.  (maybe that was God's way of reclaiming the honor of red pickups.  Another few stories there...) The nice gentleman handed me over the fence, asked me to hold the gas can so he could get over also.

When we got up the hill to the car, he put the gas in the tank for me.  The southern gentleman all the way.  I'm not sure where Jamie was - inside the car still playing games, or outside watching.  I was hoping he was paying attention to such gentlemanly behavior.  (Yup.  He's grown up into a nice gentleman himself.)

Then, when I turned around to thank the southern gentleman - he was gone!  The truck was gone.  There is no possible way for him to have gotten down the hill and over the fence and driven away in that time!  No possible way at all.

Thanks Lord!  I love it when you send angels to take care of your kids!  It's soo much fun Watchin' God!!

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