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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Super easy no-knit scarf

Are you a bit confused by knitting needles?  Or even not so familiar with crochet hooks?  This scarf evolved from this project, but I didn't like it much. 

First things first.  Find something that will work to wrap the yarn into a hank.  This is a folding card table and will make a long scarf that will make two loops around the neck, as shown above.  The back of a chair would work well for a single length scarf.
     Instead of tying the hank with strips of leather, or as in another blog I cannot find, simply tying one end together with several wraps of yarn, I crocheted a coordinating yarn (or in this case 1/8" silver ribbon) along the length of it while still on the table legs. The ribbon was scrap, so the two pieces weren't terribly long, maybe a yard or so each.  I slip-stitched the strings together in two places on the scarf, maybe 1/4 crochet, 1/4 open, 1/4 crochet, with the last quarter open.  In the open places, I did use one short piece of the silver ribbon to tie in the middle of the entire bunch.  Make sure at some point that the beginning and ends of the hank are tied.   
     The crochet keeps the strands together so it doesn't make a tangled mess like the inspiration piece.  I left large spaces un-crocheted so the yarn would spread out and give more coverage when in place.  Keeps your neck warmer that way.
     This is the finished result.

There is no way to describe how the crocheting was done so it will require a video, which hopefully will be added before the night is over if I can get my husband to take one - also hopefully with a better camera than my phone! 

Alternately, for those who do not wield any kind of needle, you could simply tie the hank together in many places in 1/4 sections as above, not completely around the whole hank, but on one side in little sections at a time, thusly:

 Hope that makes sense.  It will be easier to visualize when the video is put in here.  I hope!

For having all the pieces, and being free and able to innovate, I must say it's so much fun Watchin' God!

Have YOU made anything like this?  Would you try this project?


  1. Anxious to see the video. I had not thought of using an upside-down table as a tool to wrap yarn around. I will have to try that. I need to study these directions. My ladies in Florida may actually like these.

  2. now I have to make another one! But it's okay. I have some yarn that will be good. After the craft room is usable I'll get right on it.


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