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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

update on "The Book"

Just a quick update on the book.

After some editorial advice, and more importantly, practical advice from a reader, I am doing some fairly extensive editing.  It seems I need to implement the cardinal rule of speech-writing:  tell them what you're going to tell them; tell them; tell them what you told them.  Several people have commented on the content recently and said I needed to put "xxx" in the book, or wanted to know about something - and it is plainly written, right there in front of them!!  So, evidently I must emphasize it twice more.  ;-)

The "dead stop" came a few weeks ago when I wrote a two-page addition where there was a gap (though the editor was surprised, not realizing there was a gap.)  The computer was acting up, and that two-page edit is gone without a trace!  How can it do that?!  That was about enough discouragement, since it was also accompanied with a few other changes in my life (like thinking about selling the trailer...)

All prayers that the words would flow from my fingertips with wisdom and power greatly appreciated.  Wouldn't hurt to ask for organization skills and a better use of the time I have available, also.  Not to mention a little stability in my life, so other things don't get in the way!

Thanks, ya'll!


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